Spray Tanning at Tiki Tans

Your tan is a part of your look. This makes you feel the best you can be. It's all about self-confidence and getting rid of your tan lines. Tiki Tans is the right place to help with any and all tanning solutions.

Our spray tanning is safe and even relaxing. Jump into our tanning beds and almost instantly look like you hit the beach on your day off. Being comfortable and relaxing is an important part of being on the tanning bed. This gives you the ultimate experience of having the sun indoors. Our tanning booths are top of the line and sanitary for all of our customers.

Tanning lotions are essential if you're going to try your hand at traditional tanning. Our tanning experts will be able to give you the proper care for your skin type. If you are looking for excellent tanning services, call Tiki Tans in Longmont, CO today! We'll answer any and all questions about our tanning salon and products.


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